We help accelerate your business
in The Netherlands

The Netherlands is often referred to as gateway to Europe and for a good reason.

What we do

The name ‘Texopus’ is derived from Latin which means network (combining the latin words ‘Tex’ translates to weave or net, and ‘opus’ translates to work). The name reflects our strength of networking and contacts to complete our projects. 

The Netherlands is often referred to gateway to Europe and there are good reasons for that. To help companies start in The Netherlands we offer a wide range of services. Some examples of services include establishing legal presence in The Netherlands, setting up office and logistics, employment solutions, partnerships or acting as local agent.

How we work

We start by in-depth understanding of our clients’ goals. To achieve those goals the next step is to develop together appropriate networks and eventually manage the implementation. Reaching those goals together calls for empathy and experience, but certainly also mutual respect.

Every business is unique, which requires a good understanding to develop a tailor made solution. I aim to understand the business to the point of identifying with it. Once a plan of action is agreed, we collect the suitable internal or external network to implement the project. 

I would like to set myself apart by establishing trust, top quality, and understanding a business to the point of identifying with it. It is a delight and respect to serve our locale and our customers. 

Let me introduce myself

I decided to start this venture after helping hundreds of companies in my former capacity working for Dutch and Canadian governments. As Trade Commissioner for Dutch Consulate in Vancouver Canada, I helped companies to setup shop or export their products and services in Canada. Later on at the Canadian Embassy in The Netherlands I was tasked with facilitating business expansions from large multi-nationals such as Shell and Philips to small mom and pop businesses. It was ultimately my entrepreneurial nature that helped me decide to continue my work in a commercial capacity and help companies achieve their goals.

What do people say about me

Florian is an exceptional and accommodating consultant. He was a pleasure working with. All meetings and transactions were undertaken to an extremely professional standard. That is something to be said for the way he conducts himself and his business integrity. A pleasure working with. 

Mark L. Assistant Professor, Leiden University

Florian was an outstanding consultant. He is trustworthy and reliable, something that is rare to find! He is thoughtful and understanding and does his utmost to help. any small issues arose Florian would arrange for this to be resolved as soon as possible, and to a very professional standard. I would not hesitate to work o a project with Florian”

Chris W. The British School in The Netherlands

“Florian is very friendly and accommodating. He was super responsive when we occasionally needed his help. Having dealt with various consultants over the past few years, we can say with absolute certainty that our experience with Florian stands out as the best we had

Mohammed H. FMO Dutch Investment Bank

“My experience with Florian was just excellent.

Daniel T. Investment Consultant, Aegon Asset Management

Florian was simply the best I could expect, coming from another country. He made me feel comfortable, immediately and he was able to meet all my requirements. All transactions and meetings have been performed with extreme professional attitude, and he was available, at any time, in order to support me since the beginning. All those facts just tell about his business integrity. Just a pleasure working with”,
European Space Agency

Marco R. European Space Agency

Florian is incredibly professional and accommodating. He sets the standard for professional consultants and we never hesitate to work with him.

Kevin M. German Ministry of Foreign Affaires