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Challenges of Business Expansion Abroad:

While planning to expand abroad, company executives often face daunting business challenges that differ from their home operations. These challenges include new rules on setting up  a business in the target market, unfamiliar human resource regulations, new marketing landscapes, foreign business cultures, language and so on. As experienced professionals, Texopus Group can work with you to resolve these issues in a cost effective manner.

Our Mission:
Texopus partners aim to be a one-stop shop for time pressed business executives who need a helping hand to pursue an international business expansion. In short, Texopus Group manages outsourced international business development processes. In doing so, we move beyond providing advice, and work with you to implement international projects, step by step all the way to the completion.


Planning & Research
We gather all necessary information to draw a proposal suitable to your international expansion strategy, and resources. More

We stand by our client to undertake all necessary steps to set up and manage operations  in international markets. More

We can reevaluate and troubleshoot existing international business operations to optimize results for our clients. More

Education & Coaching
We provide customized training on a wide range of issues on international business. Our non-profit education services provide fiscal advantages to our clients. More